Upcoming Tutorials/Examples

Here's a list of what to expect next for OpenTK (in likely order):
  • OpenTK - Shadow Mapping
  • OpenTK - Audio with OpenAL
  • OpenTK - Better input handling
    • Customizable keyboard
    • Quaternion-based mouselook/rotation
Tutorials/Examples planned (not in any order):
  • OpenTK - with Farseer Physics
  • OpenTK - Voxels
  • OpenTK - GLControl
  • OpenTK - Stencil buffer
  • OpenTK - Picking/Selecting
  • OpenTK - Twin stick shooter controls
  • C# - Basic saving games and settings
  • C# - Update notifications
  • Quadtrees
  • Game AI
    • Basic - Walking forward, moving back and forth, patrolling, basic homing
    • Advanced - Reacting to player actions, pathfinding, flocking, state machines
  • Other AI
    • Neural nets, chatbots, genetic algorithms

If there's something you'd like to see, feel free to ask, I'm making these to help people, so obviously I'll take requests!


  1. Hi there!

    Would it be possible to also look at some basic examples of stencil buffer uses in the future? I'm working on a 2D engine, and would love to use the stencil buffer to make shadows, but the OpenGL tutorials available on stencils are absolute hieroglyphics. The concept is easy enough, but no-one explains the syntax (GL.StencilOp() etc.) in a noob-friendly way.



    1. Hi Pete,

      Sure, I'll add that to the list too, but it might be a while until we get to it.

    2. Great, thanks!


  2. Hello,

    Please make a tutorial on terrain next. Especially procedural terrain and large scale planets because I want to make my own world like Outerra

    thank you

  3. Hello Neo,

    Could you please explain how to know on which displayed object the user have clicked ? For example, could you make a tutorial that change the color of a displayed cube when the user clicked on it ?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi!

    Could you please make a tutorial about VAOs? Or anything else about optimizing render process?


  5. Thank you for your tutorials.

    Can you please finish:
    normals, (generating surface and vertex normals)
    quaternions, (camera), (with true up down, pitch yaw roll, )
    basic lighting (specular, diffuse)
    and object picking? (surface, surface vertex, object vertex, edges..)

    Where can i donate for you to work on the tutorials?

    1. Hi,

      Generating normals are in Tutorial 8 Part 1, although it doesn't include smoothing groups (yet).

      Basic lighting is coming in Part 2 of that tutorial (which is next).

      Thank you for your offer to donate, but what I need right now is time, not money. If you really want to donate, please do it to a charity of your choice. These tutorials were made to help others, and that seems like the best use of the money for now.

  6. I hope to see some of these things. I have the same interests.