Finished Project Downloads


The project files from the tutorials and examples are available on GitHub. The OpenTK binaries have not been included, so to get them to work you'll need to update the references to them.


  1. First I went through this whole tutorialset over your blogposts but with the ObjVolume class the problems started. I wasn't able to load any object. Saw that the next tutorial rewrites most of the critical stuff, so I kept going. Now I finished tutorial 8 part2 and absolutly nothing works anymore. First I thought that happend because of stupid errors I made, so I cloned your github project just to find exactly the same error(s?).

    Building works but when I start the program it shows the famous "not responding"-error. Funny enough, one out of 100 tries actually responds but all I see are two white cubes (no sphere which I added to the project). Sometimes it crashes shortly after, sometimes not.
    What is even more interessting when I start the resulting executable from the debug folder as administrator, it starts everytime but still, no textures or sphere. Just two white cubes.
    Switching the activeShader to "normal" works but it still has this: I-only-run-ocassionaly-when-you-are-not-an-admin-feature.

    Any ideas, suggestions, advice? Using opentk seems like a bad idea somehow, as it feels dead and it is hard to find any proper resources. How did you learn to handle it like that?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for these tutorials, though I am stucked at the moment, I learnt a lot from them!

    1. Are you by any chance using something like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your projects (a Git repository should have no issues, assuming Git Bash isn't open)? I've been leaving mine on Google Drive, and its syncing causes that issue for me. If I quit it and then rebuild, the issue goes away for me.

      I learned OpenTK mostly by trying to use OpenGL tutorials with it. I learned a little bit of OpenGL in a class and wanted to go further, and OpenTK was compatible with my language of choice. The library isn't quite dead, but they've definitely been taking their time with the next release (they've had recent GitHub commits, so at least something is going on).