Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keldian: The Outbound Campaign

   There's a band I'm a big fan of that I'd like to give a shoutout to here. Keldian is a fantastic melodic sci-fi metal group from Norway. They love to make music (and it shows), but with the high quality they consistently put out, albums are expensive to make. They've been working on a new studio for recording, but that cost money, postponing the newest album to make future albums easier and less expensive to produce. So now they're turning to their fans for help. They're doing a crowdfunding project to help get the drums and mastering for the new tracks done as soon as possible, while also making limited edition copies of the CD for backers. I was able to donate, but I'd like to help even more (so I'm spreading the word). If you have the time, please go check them out.

indiegogo - Keldian: OUTBOUND

The Keldian Blogspot - The Outbound Campaign

Saturday, February 16, 2013

OpenTK Tutorial 1 - Opening Windows and Drawing a Triangle

I'm writing this tutorial because the actual OpenTK documentation is sorely lacking. They have a good explanation for how to install it (which I recommend following before this, since it doesn't need to be rewritten), but that's it. There's a "Learn OpenTK in 15'" tutorial, but it's not great. You do make something simple, and it does take under 15 minutes, but they just hand you the code instead of having you create any of it. You don't learn much about what the code does, or why things are done a certain way. I'm going to try to write a better one (using mostly their code).

(As another note, this is technically using a deprecated way to do it, but I'm basing this on their example)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Boxes in OpenTK

I'm just messing around in OpenTK for a while I wait for things to pick up. Random colored boxes was something that was a fad in WAYWO a while back, so I thought it'd be a decent post-hello world thing.

Then I took it further, loading textures into it:

Then I did one last thing, making a basic light that follows the mouse:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game of the Week, er, Month Club - Freeport

The One Game A Month challenge is going on now. The idea is to make a different game each month. However, I'm a procrastinator, so it quickly turns into me rushing the game in the last week, despite how much I was trying not to.

The game I made in January was Freeport.

A week into the month, I made a prototype:

It wasn't anywhere near what the actual game was going to be, but it let me work out some ideas early on. Unfortunately, it turned out that transferring code from C# to AS3 isn't that easy. AS3 is very similar to JavaScript, and C# is more like Java. It's not quite copy and paste, especially when I wanted to get rid of a few hack-ish things I had done.

Everything eventually made it across, except for one feature: advertising. Originally I had an "advertise" button, where between rounds players could advertise one of the items to increase demand (but for an ever-increasing cost). I dropped it since it would have to either make the interface more cluttered or take the player out of the game between rounds to give them the option. It also wouldn't be easy to use anymore now that you're not all-knowing in the market like you were in the prototype.

Getting it online ended up being the most annoying part. I love the services Mochi provides, but it took them most of a week to get it hosted, although the ads were approved overnight. Fortunately, the One Game a Month people are pretty cool about things (and realize the whole thing is for fun), so they let you upload a month's game a while after the fact.