Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minor tutorial update

Since OpenTK 1.1 is officially out now, the tutorials have been updated to use it. There's a minor change to the Program class in all of them, which is required for them to run (thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing it out). Other than that, Tutorial 5 is the only one with major changes, which make it no longer reliant on System.Windows.Forms, instead using the new OpenTK.Input classes.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good news!

Small update here, but I figure some good news is definitely better than no news.
OpenTK 1.1 will be released later this week. It includes a lot of fixes and a lot of changes, so my first priority will be to update the old tutorials to use it. A commenter pointed out that none of the code will work without changes, due to something that was modified in how GameWindows work. Even the newest one needs some fixes (the OpenTK.Input classes completely change how we'll want to handle input), but it should be a very short process.