Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SFML.Net Example: Pong Clone

Here's an example of a simple game made in SFML.Net. It's a clone of a certain well known table-tennis game that tends to be a common early project. Try to hit the ball off the right side of the screen while the computer attempts to do the same to the left side of the screen.

Ideas for things you can add to it for your own experience:

  • A menu before the actual game
  • An option to play with two human controlled paddles (with different controls) instead of one human player and one AI
  • An AI that can predict where it needs to move to based on the ball's future movements, rather than only where the ball is right now
  • An end condition when one player has a high enough score
  • Audio for those classic Atari beeps (maybe with spatialized audio, so players hear the sounds coming from the correct sides of the screen)

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