Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Minor tutorial update

Since OpenTK 1.1 is officially out now, the tutorials have been updated to use it. There's a minor change to the Program class in all of them, which is required for them to run (thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing it out). Other than that, Tutorial 5 is the only one with major changes, which make it no longer reliant on System.Windows.Forms, instead using the new OpenTK.Input classes.

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  1. Hi Kabuto

    I'd just like to write a message of encouragement for the work that you're doing. Your OpenTK tutorials are quickly becoming the only ones I trust (since your explanations actually help me to understand it better). I've been trying to find clear, concise and useful examples of VBO's and GLSL programs for a long time now and my eyes just glaze over trying to comprehend and then port OpenGL tuts. I look forward to your next OpenTK tutorial.