Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year, so I'm going to set some goals for the near future. I've been really busy with work lately, but I'd like to post more content here:

  • More OpenTK tutorials - These have been really popular, so I'm definitely going to continue with them. The next one will add a basic camera (and at the same time handle some input to control it). After that I plan on covering some other topics, in no particular order:
    • Textures
    • Object loading
    • Lighting/shading
    • Audio
  • Code for the OpenTK tutorials - My usual stance is to not simply hand out code. I make tutorials to teach others, not to just hand them some code to use. So far, I haven't uploaded any of them (although I have completed versions, since I make sure to go through them myself so they work for everyone else). However, I've been building off of earlier tutorials from the start, so I'm planning on putting up all but the newest tutorial at any time.
  • At least one OpenTK example - I know, I just went on about how I don't like giving out code, but I had an idea for a little project to demonstrate some basic things in OpenTK.
  • General C# tutorials - I'd like to have a useful set of tutorials up for just general C# coding running too, for things like networking and AI that aren't OpenTK specific.
  • Starbound modding tutorials - I'll have to see where it goes as the game gets closer to being finished (so this is a pretty non-concrete goal), but some tutorials for it could be interesting.
Non-tutorial related stuff:
  • Dwarfpunch Mapper (will likely get a rename) update - Toady is pushing an update sometime soon, so I'll try to get one out too (after his to make sure he didn't change anything). I'm still looking into using a shader instead, but at very least I'd like to make it auto-detect files from your DF folder instead of you having to choose each one manually.
  • Flash game(s) - I plan on making something fun for the holidays next year (and not just the December ones!)

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