Friday, January 4, 2013

Dwarfpunch Mapper is now at 0.5.5!

Download available on Bitbucket (it's only 0.5.5, so it's not exactly perfect, just working)

   Dwarfpunch Mapper has been progressing nicely. Thanks to the documentation on his process kabookie was able to give me, I had a functional version up and running within a few days. However, it was actually quite lacking in the interface department. It was purely functional for a very basic version of the program. Now we're looking at this:

   Now users can toggle various layers on and off as we add more to the program. Some people on /r/dwarffortress were asking about glacier/tundra areas being visible as ice. 

   Since Dwarf Fortress has this "biome" output option, it's actually really easy to do something like this in a future version. Of course, it's going to be completely optional so you don't need to have ice and deserts if you don't want to.

  This version also started filling in the settings dialog, with some options for color added to the previously lonely image scale setting. This was originally meant to help testing, but it actually can make some kind of interesting fantasy landscapes possible:

   The top priorities now are getting the output more refined (matching the original Photoshop script more), replacing more of the hard-coded values with settings, and finding out what other layers can be added to the map, in that order.

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